Do not feel discouraged! Not qualifying for a particular survey is normal in the world of market research. Here is why:


  1. Some surveys look for very specific consumer profiles, and you will not always fit that profile. Your consumer habits and demographic information (gender, age, and localization) will determine your eligibility.
  2. Also, some surveys have statistical quotas. Statistical quotas establish a maximum number of responses for each consumer profile. So, a survey will ask you several profile questions to determine if you fit into its quota and if that quota has been met. If so, you will not qualify for that survey.
  3. Finally, many surveys do quality control to verify that participants carefully answer each question and that they comply with QueOpinas' Terms of Use. To avoid disqualification, we ask all users to answer questions thoroughly and with honesty.


If you are disqualified, you will not earn survey points. However, you will receive experience points (XP). This is because your entry won't be used for statistical purposes, but you still contributed. This policy does not apply if you are disqualified per criteria 3 (quality control violation).