XP stands for Experience Points. These points are used in our application to measure your progress after each survey and/or daily task you complete. The more experience you gain, the closer you are to leveling up. 

You can earn XP in several ways:

1. by successfully completing a survey = 50 XP.

2. When your profile does not qualify to complete a survey = 20 XP * 3. 

3. When you enable certain permissions for QueOpinas on your cell phone (location, camera and microphone) = 75 XP

4. When you complete daily tasks = 100 XP (which can increase depending on the offense)

5. Enabling notifications on your cell phone = 10 XP

You can track your XP in the star icon at the top right of the home screen.

For every 1000 XP accumulated, you will level up and have 3 days with a 10% bonus on the score of completed surveys, plus unlock new avatars (mascots to put on your profile picture).

*Note that every time you reach a new level your XP points will be reset. 

* Remember that if you are disqualified from a survey due to quality criteria you will not receive XP. Also, XP is different from points and cannot be redeemed.