By participating in activities available on QueOpinas, you earn experience points (XP). You can track your score on the star icon on the top-right corner of your home screen.


There are several ways to earn XP:


1. Successfully complete a survey = 50 XP

2. When you do not qualify to complete a survey = 20 XP * 

3. Enabling certain permissions for QueOpinas on your cell phone (location, camera and microphone) = 75 XP

4. Completing daily activities = 100 XP (which can be increased depending on your Daily Streak)",

5. Activating notifications on your phone = 10 XP",


Remember that if you are disqualified for quality control reasons you will not receive XP. Also, XP is different from points and they cannot be redeemed 


And stay tuned! For every 1000 XP earned, you level up, and you can earn more points in surveys + unlock new avatars.